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Ready, Set, Take-off!

adam demark

Liberia Jan 2014 029.jpg

Tonight a 5 member Equip2Serve team takes off for Liberia.   The team is meeting up in Paris before arrival in Liberia for one month.  Pray for safe flights and uninterrupted connections.

Pastors from around Maryland County will engage in foundational Bible teaching for a big part of the month.   Pray for clear understanding and application in the surrounding churches that they represent.

The other project the team will be working on is the restoration of one of the buildings on the old NTM mission base.   Some of these buildings will be transformed into the site of the new Equip Training Center.   This first building will be a classroom for teaching the church leaders.   Plans include the restoration of two other buildings - one for E2S staff housing and the other a dormitory for pastors.