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Is it worth it?

adam demark

Liberia Jan 2014 029.jpg

Horrible road conditions, torrential rains, extreme heat and humidity, insufficient building materials, theft, death in the village - each has the potential to derail the efforts of the team.   And each inevitably begs the question, "Is it worth it?"   God always has a way of answering our questions by showing He is WORTHY!

This was clearly illustrated to the men as they wrapped up the teaching sessions this morning.  The pastors who have attended have asked lots of questions and are extremely excited for the opportunity for more teaching in June.   Pastors gave clear testimony they are grasping spiritual truth.  The beauty is when a fellow pastor is struggling to understand other pastors are helping them understand clearly.   God has truly, as always, shown up!

One pastor shared this testimony:  "We thought we knew everything once we were saved...but now we realize we have much more to learn.  Thank you for helping us understand the gospel message more clearly." 

Despite the roadblocks, the men are daily encouraged spiritually because God is WORTHY and WORTH any setbacks they face physically.

Continue to pray as they complete this phase of work on the building project.  Pray also for the 20 pastors who attended to be able to communicate this life-changing TRUTH in their own communities.

Some times I fear we ask the wrong questions.   Instead of "Is it worth it", let us consider "Is He Worthy?".