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Focusing on Christ this SEASON

adam demark

     I love the Christmas season.  I love so many things about it.  Family gatherings, good food, gifts, beautiful decorated trees, sparkling lights, & special moments with those we love.  It's easy to get all caught up in the "extras" of this festive time.  But this season, I wonder if we could just step back for a time and really focus on CHRIST the Savior?!

    It shouldn't be a hard task. It will take some quiet moments. What does it mean to you? How grateful are you for the gift of Christ?  I love the accounts of the birth of Christ in the gospels. I love all the characters that God used in this beautiful story of LOVE coming down to mankind.  Mary & Joseph, the angels, the Magi, the Shepherds, Elizabeth & Zachariah, and King Herod.  They all were used by God in their diversity! Have you ever placed yourself in this story? Would you have the trust of Joseph & Mary?  The faith to believe like Elizabeth? The bravery of the wise men?  The raging jealousy of King Herod? 

   And the greatest character of all? ...did I forget HIM already?  JESUS!  The greatest gift of all.  "For unto you...."  This is a GIFT to YOU!  Why?  Because God so loved the world that HE GAVE His ONLY SON.   What LOVE!  Isn't that the greatest gift? We don't have to do anything to receive this gift.  It's freely given, freely receive it. 

   I'm unwrapping the gifts now... blessed with all spiritual blessings, forgiven, set apart, made alive to God, dead to sins, sealed with the Holy Spirit, given an inheritance, hope in Christ, & loved beyond understanding. And that is just a few! 

   Take some time to really ponder this season.  What does Christ mean to you? 

                                                    2 Corinthians 9:15 "Thank God for his indescribable gift."