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Is It Safe?

adam demark

The most common question our team has been asked as we approach our departure: "Is it safe?"  

Was it safe for Jesus when He walked the face of this earth?  How about the Twelve who walked with Him and also died martyrs?  And what about the millions who have given everything that others may be given an opportunity to make a decision to accept Christ as their Sin-Bearer?

Is it safe for the millions of souls from over 2500 Unreached People Groups still waiting for the Gospel to be presented to them....just once?

Is it safe for our brothers and sisters around the world who are isolated from their families and communities, and truly persecuted because of their faith?

With all due respect to all of those well-meaning inquirers, safety is not our main concern as our team heads to Liberia on Tuesday.   We will definitely use our God-given minds to properly assess risk and analyze the situations we are facing.  

However, when safety becomes the primary goal of any believer in this world, we put millions of lives at risk for all eternity.

Pray with us as we challenge these 50 pastors in two different locations in their walk with our Father God - that they will continue to "be strong and courageous" and "fight the good fight of faith" so that others may hear and believe!

And what about you today?  Will you "be safe"?  Or will you take a risk today for your faith - at your school, in your workplace, around your sphere of that others may find their safety in Christ alone?