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Sacrifice is the most attractive

adam demark

 Rosemary Welch, along with granddaughter, Megan Comer in Liberia, W. Africa.

 Rosemary Welch, along with granddaughter, Megan Comer in Liberia, W. Africa.

     What does attractive look like to you?  Most of us would answer that it has so many different looks. That beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Attractive goes far deeper than just the skin. It's in the heart! This was so evident to me when I think of my dear friend, Lucy Lott.  Sacrifice. A humble servant heart.

      I have just returned from Liberia spending eleven days with her family in their home. Now as I begin to put away the groceries to re-stock my refrigerator, I can’t help but think of her. I like to call her my daughter #3.  We were warmly welcomed and served beyond what was expected.  Life there is hard. It is a day by day preparing of food for each meal.  Even though the meals were simple, rice with some kind of sauce, the process isn't. 

   I was blessed to join Lucy in the process.  A walk to the market each morning. Down the muddy paths, winding through the village compound and reaching the small shops.  Venders outside eager to sell their wares.  Hopefully a chicken is available or possibly some fish to go into the sauce. Because we are guests, we often received the best.  Palm nuts, potato greens, cassava or manioc, onions, garlic and tomato paste make up the main portion of the meal.  All the purchases were carried home on Lucy's head for our lunch and evening meal.  The charcoal was still hot from the morning cooking, so the "stove" is stoked and the process begins. 

    We are served with the best that they have to offer. Simple but prepared with sacrifice.  I’m reflecting on this a lot now as I “settle” back into my routine and my kitchen. We are worlds apart, Lucy & I.  I pray for her as she faces hardships that I will probably never know, but I see that she sees God providing one day at a time, and I need to see more of that myself. Attractive is giving of yourself with no strings attached. So beautiful.

   So, in the end, who is the blessed? Who is the attractive?  The blessed is the one who sacrifices. The one who experiences God's hand in their lives. Day by day.  The blessed is the one who trusts in God to provide every need. Simple child-like faith.  

   Thank you, Lord, for this trip back to Liberia.  Thank you for those who give to make it possible. At the end of the day, make me see that Sacrifice is the most attractive.  

 Rosemary Welch with daughter #3, Lucy Lott.

 Rosemary Welch with daughter #3, Lucy Lott.

 1 Peter 3:4 "Instead it should be that of your inner self. the unfading  beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight."