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Just get in the Boat

adam demark

team_hamdallaye - 411.jpg

     We all have experienced our "not-enough-ness", desperately in need of an All Powerful God.  How can a small team of 7 couples possibly make an impact in West Africa?

     Our goal is to equip West African leaders with the tools necessary to serve their own people with the simple truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

     As a team, we are trusting God to open the doors to teach in six West African nations that predominately speak English - Gambia, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, and Cameroon. These countries represent around 200 million Africans.

     Lucy Lott, the wife of George, our Liberian director, said it best: “When you get to the river, you will find a boat there!"

     Our responsibility: just get in the boat!

     Well, we're in the boat and God is rowing! (at times faster than our little finite minds can handle).

    Let’s elaborate a little. Presently Equip2Serve is only serving in Liberia, but on this one trip last month...

 1. God brought a pastor from Liberia across our path that was a refugee in Gambia.  His family's desire is to return to Gambia as a missionary sent out by the Liberian church.

 2. When George and Adam were in Ghana, they met with 4 Ghanaian pastors who are ignited with the passion to train other of which is from a northwestern city of Ghana, located literally miles from the Côte d'Ivoire and Burkina Faso border. Those pastors minister across those borders regularly.

 3. Kyle, sent from Elmbrook church and from Waukesha, WI " happened" to be staying at the same guest house as Equip2serve team.  Kyle and his family minister in Nigeria for the past 14 years in a city called Jos doing a ministry that brings multiple churches together. He is well connected.

  Will we possibly meet someone from Sierra Leone and Cameroon!?

 What are you doing Lord?

 We really don't know but we feel like kids in a candy store! bet!

 Excited....over the top! 

 Questions without clear answers? Too many to list....

 BUT it's like God is saying to us:

 "When you get to the river, you will find a boat.   Just get in the boat.

 "I'm already there....waiting for you."

                      Adam Demark and George Lott together with various church leaders in Ghana.

                      Adam Demark and George Lott together with various church leaders in Ghana.