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Meet Hank & Marg Demark

adam demark

     Some people you meet, you never forget.  It's that way with Hank & Marg.  God gets all the credit here.  You see it's not that they came from a Christian home, enjoyed a childhood of Biblical teaching, or were privileged to attend a solid Bible church.  No, their story was much different.  Both Hank & Marg grew up unbelieving and started into adult life without Christ.  Alcohism, separation, and divorce was all part of their upbringing.   It wasn't until 1975 through a tragic accident in the family, that they both came to Christ.  Once saved, it didn't take long for their Christian walk to flourish and they became active members of their church family. 

    Then came the day in 1980 when Hank went on a short term missions trip to South America.  Being a builder and contractor, he took his skills and love for people and served overseas for the summer.  That was it. It didn't take long after that first missions trip for Hank to become interested in reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ! 

    Hank and Marg served in many capacities since joining Missions.  Hank took his building expertise and used it to build missionary homes in tribal locations. He also built several missionary centers. Marg used her abilities of homemaking to help with hosting teams and conferences.  She also loved doing office work specifically in finances.  Hank and Marg lead over 20 short term mission groups from South America to West Africa!  Their enthusiasm for the Lord, for reaching tribal people and for encouraging others never went unnoticed.  Everyone who came into their home was blessed.  And Hank never lacked telling a good story or giving people a good hardy laugh!  Most of all, Hank and Marg were true servants in all three West African countries (Liberia, Ivory Coast and Guinea) they served in from 1984-1998.

                                                                                                            Liberia 1987  Pictured with their 3 children, Lesley, Andy and Adam

                                                                                                            Liberia 1987  Pictured with their 3 children, Lesley, Andy and Adam

    In 1998, Hank & Marg returned from West Africa, and joined the Canadian Headquarters staff in Durham, ON.  Hank has been heading up all the building projects and Marg has been working in the finance office.  Their love for Africa has never wavered.  When Equip2serve was born in 2012, Hank and Marg were very interested in seeing West African pastors learn more of God's Word.  January 2013, Hank went over with the team. It was so neat for him to see old friends again and make new ones with these eager pastors!  Hank and Marg meet a vital role for our team!  Not only their many years of service and experience overseas, but their love for the Lord and hearts to serve HIM.