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New Beginnings in Ghana

adam demark

     Next month, the first team to Ghana will travel to it's beautiful shores of Accra.  It's exciting to see how God has unfolded these plans in His unique timing and circumstance.  Last year at this time a team was preparing to go to Liberia again for another month of Bible lessons. Ebola wasn't in our thoughts, and Ghana was an idea, not a reality.  Prayers were for continued service in Liberia.  Asking God for how we could expand, and dreams of reaching farther.  Unexpectantly,  Ebola was going to prevent us from travel and ministry. (Equip2serve is asking God for a return date of Oct/Nov into Liberia.)  Yet God in His Sovereignty has ordered each step of Equip2serve and the desires of our team.  God often places his children in places of difficulty and uncertainty. God is displaying His Almighty grace and power through each valley and mountain top. Can we trust HIM?

      Little did we know that God was going to push our plans farther past the borders of Liberia.... into it's neighbor, GHANA! 

     Ghana is English speaking. Home to approximately 27 million people. Ghana is one of  Africa's most developed countries, with a motto of "freedom and justice".  Like most West African countries, Ghana has a dry and a wet season with average temperatures of 85F.  Ghana's doors are open to the Gospel. Although Ghana considers it's country Christian, there is a percentage of practicing Muslims. 


      Equip2serve first heard about the need of teaching pastors and church leaders last year through another missionary.  With some inquiry, a lot of planning, and prayer, we are excited to see our first team go out!  Please pray with us as we prepare for the trip. We are privileged to bring along two pastors and one elder from churches here in the States. These men are interested in partnering with us in seeing West Africans deepen their knowledge of scripture and their relationship with the Lord.  Pray also for the African men who will be starting the Bible lessons, that God would already be preparing their hearts.