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Poisoned Food

adam demark

      I met M on the first day of Equip2serve's Bible teaching in Ghana. I liked her right away! She was friendly, sincere, open, & beautiful. She right away struck me as someone who had a story...I just wasn't sure what it was.  We talked quite a bit through out the week.  Our conversations flowed from one subject to another. Mostly about God and her relationship with Him. Then on to Marriage, Children & family.  I loved how she spoke sincerely and honestly no matter what the subject. 

     On one of the days, I pulled M aside and asked her if I could record her thoughts on the Bible teaching.  With a big smile she said, " Sure!"  We stepped outside during the lunch hour, and I proceeded to video M. It was a short moment after the "interview" that I thanked her and said, "So, what is your story?" 

     Before I knew it, M began this incredible story of how God protected her and rescued her from near death!  I was so involved in her story that I couldn't move, I just stood staring at her.  Want to know what M told me? 

     M was a young teenager when she left her Muslim home.  She had become a Christian and was no longer welcome in her family.  She didn't have a place to live, so she took to the bus stop bench.  After some time, M's Pastor's wife discovered that she was homeless.  Right away she offered M to live with them.  M accepted.  At this point, her family had not made any effort to contact her. She had been on her own, alone in the world.  Living with this loving family, the future did seem much brighter.  But M really missed her own family and began to pray about reaching out one more time into the Muslim world. 

     After some time, M finally did make contact with her family.   Her Aunt was very gracious and invited her over after church for a meal.  M was surprised that she was so friendly and hospitable but she didn't think anything about it.  Sunday came fast and M attended church as usual.  After church she made the trip to her Aunt's home.  Once there she noticed that her Aunt had made a big bowl of Jollof rice (a traditional Ghanaian meal). 

     M was so hungry that she right away grabbed the spoon to begin eating the rice.  As she went to put the first bite into her mouth, she heard a friend outside the house calling for her.  Her friend yelled to come outside, she wanted to talk with M right away.  M reluctantly put down the huge spoon of rice and went outside.  M never told me how long she talked with her friend. She never told me what they discussed. M never said where her aunt was during this time.  All I know is that I wasn't breathing at this point of the story! 

     M said goodbye to her friend and with a smile entered her aunt's home eager to eat her meal.  What she found completely shocked her!  Beside her bowl of rice, lay her favorite childhood cat, dead from eating her rice!  Poisoned food. Poisoned agenda.

     I hugged M after her story. I thanked God that He protected her!  I rejoiced with her that God went before her by sending her friend to distract her from the poisoned food.  God has a wonderful plan ahead for M.  She is a godly woman who isn't afraid to share her faith and reach out to those who hate. Forgiveness shone on M's face.