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Journey back to Liberia

adam demark

      If you like to travel, one of the most exciting things about it is the unexpected.  (Unless your personality is such that those unexpected turns send you in a tailspin!) You probably will make plans and have things mapped out, but part of you loves the thrill.   Who will you meet along the way? Will there be any amazing sites? How will the days unfold?  In God's Word, there are many verses that show clearly that man can make plans but in the end it is GOD that directs. He is our compass!   Knowing that God is going before us, He's mapped out exactly how he wants the journey to start & end, and what lessons HE desires to teach us. That's travelling with the BEST INSURANCE!

       The journey back to Liberia has some uncertainties but ALOT of HOPEFUL plans!  It's been one year and 3 months since the last Equip2serve trip. Ken Welch and Marty Comer will be the team members returning this August for 3 weeks.  They plan on teaching in Monrovia, re-connecting with church leaders, visiting small villages near Tugbaken where our co-worker, George Lott, has been serving and encouraging those who have kept the FAITH despite very difficult circumstances.  Re-connecting with many whom we've built relationships with is definitely in the plans!

      Life has marched on for our Liberian friends. And it hasn't marched on very easily. It's been a long hard journey for them with Ebola threatening their families. So many of our pastor friends have seen members of their congregations suffer and die from Ebola.  So many have passed on, taken by this ugly disease, leaving orphans alone in this world.  We have been privileged to help as many as we could through the assistance of CHAP International.  Helping Liberians receive rice to feed their families has been a wonderful way to stay connected to our friends. Equip2serve has been blessed to have men like Philip Davis, Aaron Paul, and Pastor Sackie be the hands and feet during the Ebola crisis.  Connecting with these faithful men will be a huge blessing! 

    Every journey takes time to prepare. It doesn't happen overnight.  Equip2serve desires to use the time and resources that God has given us to the BEST of our ability.  Having said that, it's inevitable that obstacles will cross our paths! This trip is no exception!  Knowing that, we must "pack" ahead of time our most valuable tool....PRAYER!  Join us in praying for this journey back to Liberia. (We also plan on making another trip in November) Pray that God will go before us in preparing our hearts and the church leaders we are training. Logistics can weigh a person down, but without them a trip is very disorganized. Pray that all the logistics of travel, food, lodging, Bible sessions both in Monrovia and Tugbaken will all go smoothly. Pray that Ken and Marty will have opportunities to listen to the Pastors stories from this last year and that they can be a comfort to them. Pray for the concern of recent Ebola cases. Pray for health and strength each day.   Pray for Ken Welch as he battles a recent knee surgery, making it a bit more uncomfortable for travel. Pray for FLEXIBLITY!  Pray for encouraging times with George & Lucy, our international directors, that they would be encouraged by all that God is doing in Liberia!

George and Lucy Lott.

    This might not be the Liberian handshake but clearly George is amused!

    This might not be the Liberian handshake but clearly George is amused!

                                                   THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!