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No greater joy

adam demark

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.
— 3 John 4


    These are just a few beautiful glimpses of Liberia... as told by Marty Comer.

       August 3, 2015 was a very special day for me.  Equip2Serve had been out of Liberia since June 2014 due to the Ebola virus affecting parts of the country.  During that year of waiting to return, I had spent many hours on the phone with a number of the men, talking with them about life in the midst of fear and death.  They described empty streets and cultural norms changed by fear and the will to survive.  We talked about the Bible, things they were learning and questions that they had.  Over the course of these months, my relationship grew with these men who I was privileged to disciple. 

     So when I arrived in Liberia in August, I was anxious to give these men the traditional Liberian handshake and spend time face to face with them.  The whole month was spent doing just that.  What a joy to see how some of these men have really grown in their walk with the Lord.  They spoke of how much it meant to them to know for sure what they believe and to be better equipped to teach in the churches that they serve.

      One of the highlights on the trip for me was the day we spent at CHAP International,  participating in the distribution of rice to widows and to the disabled.  What I saw touched me very deeply.  This group represents society’s most desperate and helpless, and yet, I watched them smile and sing with hands raised high.  Humbling for a man who has never known what it means to go hungry or unable to provide for himself. 

     Yes, I am a part of a teaching ministry.  Every time I go, I impart knowledge to a group of people who gather to learn, but the truth is, I am so often the one who learns the most.  I “talk” faith, they live it. I am so thankful to know these individuals, and I look forward to the years ahead of teaching them and walking with them on this journey of faith.   

Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time.
— Oswald Chambers