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A Season for Giving

adam demark

Pastor Bob Howe

Pastor Bob Howe

This week as I sat preparing for a message surrounded by my Bible, commentaries, and computer, my mind wandered to the town of Pleebo, Liberia where Bob Howe lives.  Bob helps pastor a small church there. Perhaps Bob was preparing a message as well.  His preparation looks different.  No computer.  No commentaries.  Just his thoughts and the study Bible we gave him.  Bob is a great communicator.   Just imagine how much more effective Bob will be as we are able to develop a personal library of resources for him through the ministry of Equip2Serve.

One of our goals is to provide each church leader like Bob with biblical resources for each of the modules we teach.  At the end of our engagement with them in the classroom, they each will have a personal library of biblical resources to help them continue to be effective ministers in their communities!

As we plan ahead for 2017, we anticipate investing $12,000 in Bibles, resource books, and workbooks in both Liberia and Ghana.

Would you prayerfully consider making a year-end investment into the life of a pastor?