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Eager Hearts Find Truth in God's Word

adam demark

On Tuesday, July 12th at 6:15PM, I opened the screen door to my room and stepped inside.  I had to have a moment alone to talk to God. Tears immediately began to pour down my face. All I could say was, "Thank You, God. Thank You for allowing me to be a part of this."

    For nine days, they had come. 20 women. The first group of Liberian ladies to be taught through the ministry of Equip2Serve. They were eager to learn, and we had the incredible privilege of teaching them foundational truths of God’s Word. There are only a handful of moments in my life that compare to this. God answered years of prayer when He flung this door of ministry wide open. It was our honor, our privilege, our absolute pleasure to be His hands, His feet, His voice…proclaiming the light of Truth into a world of confusion and darkness. He did His thing, and by His grace, He allowed us to be a part. Here's a few of their testimonies.

"I have followed the Muslim way for a long time. Now is the time for me to become a Christian." – Doris

"I haven’t reached yet. I want to learn more about the Bible and what it can say."–Jessie

"I was going to Monrovia, but I decided to stay here because I want to receive the teaching." – Nancy

"This teaching is different because you are using the Scriptures when you teach. You do not walk away from the Scripture." –Lucy

"I have been thinking about how I can reach God. I think I know the answer…just believe. I can’t pay tithes to make it there. All I can do is believe in God’s promise to send a Deliverer." – Sally

"I am a good, moral person, but I am a sinner." – Esther

"God will make a way for Abraham to not have to sacrifice his son Isaac. I think He will provide a sacrifice in Isaac’s place." – Leah

"We need to teach this to our children. They need to know this." – Ida

"When I got home from the teaching, I didn’t even go into my house. I stopped on my porch and called for my son to come who knows how to read so that he could read all the verses to me that we talked about in class." – Marie

Every now and then, we find ourselves involved in something that we are incredibly aware is so much bigger than us. For me, this was one of those times. "To God be the glory, great things He hath done."

"To God be the glory, great things He hath done."
By Julia Comer