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Equip2serve Bible Program~"like a second eye" shares Pastor Peter

Lesley Doerksen

When you listen to Peter's testimony, you can't help but sit at the edge of your seat, wondering what he will say next.

Metaphors like, "a second eye" . It makes you think about how deep God's Word has affected them. 

We are "very much excited!"  How excited?  VERY MUCH!

We are "live witnesses" to the program!  It has impacted many people.

It's a "powerful program".  A practical way of teaching.

"My hands and my legs are strong"  "I'm confident in spreading the Word."

"Please keep sending them to teach us." 

"Thank you for coming!"

"May it go way wide"  


Pastor Peter accepts his certificate of completion of the second course, "Your standing in Christ."