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Liberian Mud Runner

Lesley Doerksen


This video was taken in Liberia near the town of River Cess.  It took our Equip2serve team 6.5 hours to reach their destination. It was not a long trek but the road was really terrible!  We are thankful that the drivers are good and very patient with the conditions! They got our team from one point to the other!


Rainy season has been in full swing and has made this road almost impassible.  


The Liberians work together to get the vehicles out of the mud. They use ropes, shovels, & other vehicles to accomplish this.  A lot of the road has vehicles stuck for weeks!  Some of the road has “side roads”, any way that they can make a route around the mud.


This vehicle has a sticker on the side that says “One Fine Day”   Now that's a positive word!


Many times the passengers will jump off the vehicle to run ahead and asses the road and how best to drive through the mud.  It helps to carry a machete to cut branches down or to clear trees that have fallen. 


It took a lot of effort for our team to get to their rural location to teach the 30+ Pastors.


Typically most taxi’s take a lot of cargo! This is a very common site along the roads. Sometimes people or animals can ride on top as well.

It’s easy to think that once a team flies over to their destination that the hardest part of the journey is over. But as you can see from these photos, it takes a lot more! 

Hard places to get to yet rewarding results! God’s Word, His TRUTH is being preached! And Pastors are being equipped to GO out into their communities!