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Disciple 2 Disciple

Lesley Doerksen

West African Pastors teaching Biblical truths during an Equip2serve session.  Seeing this milestone reached is most rewarding!  Praise God!


When Equip2serve was born five years ago, one of the goals was to see Pastors reach a point where they could use the teaching to encourage growth in their own people.  We are seeing that come to a reality now. 


This last trip to Liberia showed how much these men had grown in their walk with God. They began to take initiative in teaching and conversing with the students.  Their conversations were more intentional and pointed. Questions were answered and clear direction was given thru the reading of the Scriptures.


Philip Davis, and George Lott are two Liberian Pastors who have taken the VISION of discipleship to heart. They’ve made it their own as they have travelled and reached out to local churches. They’ve left their families for weeks to participate in teaching Bible courses all over Liberia. 


Pastors like Joseph are saying, “I am very thankful for the opportunity for me in this rural area. I never had the means to go to Bible school but now Bible training has come to me. I am thankful so much.”  

With lack of teaching and means to attend Bible School, many Pastors have a very weak and wrong view of the Bible.  They spend their time listening to other preachers to get a “word” that they can share with their congregations…even if its not true.  Many of them don’t even own a study Bible or Bible helps.

That’s why its so important to train and teach Biblical truths to these Pastors.


Pastor Daniel and Pastor David James have also jumped in to help with the Bible teaching. It’s been good to share the load with these men.  They’ve also been a huge help with understanding the local culture. They are quick to pick up where the class is struggling to understand.


Will you continue to pray that God will provide the resources to continue training West African Pastors?

Will you pray for the students that God will continue to work in their hearts and show them truth?

Will you pray for the Pastors who are faithfully teaching God’s Word? That the country will remain open to Biblical teaching?

And lastly, will you pray that God will bring people to HIM?

Until every tribe, every tongue and every people will hear the Good news of Jesus Christ!