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Porch Talks and Rain Drops

adam demark

They say one of the most relaxing sounds is water falling. They also say that one of the most relaxing places is just right out on your own front porch. Put these two together...well, that's just the BEST scenario!


Unless you're trying to teach a Bible study...and you're pupils can't make it and the ones who did make it can't hear you!

You see in Liberia when it rains, it POURS! And this June it poured for DAYS! There was water everywhere...not just running down the road but in the house! This might have kept us on our toes (and on our knees).  Teaching to 15 ladies over the sound of pouring rain can be interesting. Actually, it's not possible. The rains are too loud. That's ok.  That scenario only happened a few times. Once it rained for 14 hours straight.  That time we just had 3 ladies show up. It doesn't mean we couldn't dig into God's Word...we did! And you know what?  It was God's perfect scenario. It's what those three ladies needed on that rainy afternoon.


It's in the those moments when you realize life is sometimes a whole lot of both pouring rain and quiet porch talks. 


Much of our time is made up of planning life out. Finding the perfect scenario.  Then it never turns out how we hoped it would!  But maybe that's a good thing.  God shows up in all HIS PERFECT ways.  He has it planned out. It looks different then our little scenario did.  Bible classes in the pouring rain might be one of those scenarios.


Then you have the one on one porch visits. Discussing what God is saying in HIS WORD. And how that applies to your life today. Because we say the most beneficial word is straight from God's Word!


And the house visits. Those are special. There's something about seeing where a person calls home. And their special people. Culturally, a visit is a show of respect. It begins to chip away at the concept of us being superior and begins to establish more of a friendship which definitely benefits our discipleship goal. It gave us a chance to meet the family members that will be impacted by a mom knowing, receiving, and living out Truth within her home. One on one discussions allow for questions that don’t always get asked in the group teaching sessions. Even husbands got in on the discussions at several houses.


And the walks into the village. Visiting locals and loving on all the children. And their pet monkeys.


Kindness runs far and deep. And its this outpouring that draws people to Christ. They want to know more and experience more.


 Teaching important TRUTHS from GOD'S WORD is what brings these ladies together on a rainy day. Subjects like Who am I? My acceptance and security are firmly IN CHRIST.  Believing in Christ's finished work on the cross changes how these women live each day.


The best scenario is to GLORIFY GOD.