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Equip Training Center

adam demark


The Equip Training Center emerges out of the jungle as the team of 5 restores an old dormitory to be used for pastoral training in Liberia.

Just looking at the photo you wouldn't know how much work was actually accomplished to get to the stage that you see! Thick jungle, tall trees, and tangled was amazing to see how everyone rallied together to clear the area so that restoration could take place. As the bush was cut down, the team started forming a plan of how they wanted to rebuild. You see, this building used to be a dormitory back in the 1980's. Our vision for this building is simple - create an atmosphere to teach church leaders and a lodging place for our team during the short term trips. Days went by. Old walls torn down. New walls constructed and a useable building emerges. The large porch that wraps around the building will be a huge asset to the teaching. Those hot & humid days will be enjoyed on a porch that can offer some shade and possibly a cool breeze. It will be a perfect spot for those long chats with the locals who really want to get to know God. Questions that linger in their minds, some simple TRUTH that God is impressing on their hearts, a nagging question about scripture, and a place that people can gather in pursuit of God.

Yes! That's it! It's not just a building.  And it's not just about buildings. It's about PEOPLE - people whom God has REDEEMED, brought from darkness to light. Yes! Thank you God for this amazing building once lovely but then left to rot in the aftermath of war. Now, given a new look...for a NEW PURPOSE.  May this bring GLORY TO GOD.