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part•ner |ˈpärtnər| noun

1. a person who takes part in an undertaking with another or others, especially in a business or company with shared risks and profits.


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Partnership together:

Partnership is not a word we take lightly. We are committed to it and understand its vital importance in ministry. Everything we do is based on it – from those with financial donors to those with the pastors we're equipping – it's all about partnership. We're convinced partnership with individuals like you will continue to transform lives - the lives of pastors, their families, and those in the community they serve...

and we know, it will transform your life as well!



How you can partner with us:

There is always a huge need for practical partnership! Besides praying and investing in training, buildings need repair and vehicles need regular maintenance - along with a variety of other emergency help. The willing hearts and varied talents of the body working together to keep things moving forward are vital. Find out more by clicking below and signing up for our updates!


Pray for us.

Your prayers are needed. This work is only successful when it is taken before the Lord by prayer warriors like you. Consider accepting our 4:12 challenge and commit to pray for the E2S ministry daily! Simply put, we could ask for no better or more profitable form of partnership.

Invest in training.

Imagine your pastor trying to fulfill his role without any training. That’s what it’s like for 85% of West African pastors. Teaching, resources, travel, meals (among other things) - all take an investment of time, talent, and treasure. Prayerfully consider making a difference in the life of a local leader so he can make a difference in the community in which he is equipped to serve.