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EQUIP2SERVE is a small nonprofit organization with one driving purpose–to raise up, train, equip, and mobilize West African pastors to impact and minister to the unreached people groups surrounding them. EQUIP2SERVE longs to see those currently living in darkness come to a personal relationship with the Lord and be transformed by the saving message of Christ. Our sincerest desire synopsized is to EQUIP believers TO SERVE and propel the hope of the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Below is a concise breakdown of what we do:


We equip.

Our efforts are geared in seeing national pastors and local leaders equipped to minister and serve their own people more effectively. There is no better way to reach the lost than with genuine partnerships that equip the indigenous church body, pastors, and leaders. 



We dream.

Imagine one day every tribe, tongue, and nation standing before the Lord's throne! We dream of that day standing side-by-side with the pastors we've been privileged to equip and those they've each reached in turn! That is what we dream about and what drives us daily!



We serve.

We exist to serve the national church in equipping pastors. We are committed to our mutual "Commission" and are aware of the partnership and teamwork required for success. We are committed to modeling a servants heart in all we say and do.



We expand.

We are steadfast in our goal of reaching people who have limited or no access to the gospel. We are committed to work with and alongside national pastors to see this happen in their own villages first then subsequently expand out to nearby neighborhoods and locations.



We communicate.

We teach foundationally and expositionally, laying a groundwork for the pastor to know God personally, to be a godly example for his family and friends, and to be a vibrant part of working within his given community. We do this clearly/incrementally to aid communication.



We duplicate.

We disciple pastors, equip them to lead churches, and help them reach out to villages within their own tribe and neighboring tribal groups. We desire to eventually work ourselves out of a job as we see more and more leaders raised up and EQUIPPED TO SERVE!